Guam - A proposed $50 fee per student enrolled in Eskuelan Puengi, better known as night school, was met with plenty of opposition.

Guam Education Board co-chair Maria Gutierrez said, "I think this has to go out first to the community to the stakeholders and make them consent this. I'm not in a position at this time to even give my blessing. Our customers are the kids. We are public school. We do not charge. We're not private school."

Following a vote to withdraw the request of the fee proposal, DOE deputy superintendent Joe Sanchez says they'll go back to re-design the night school program based on the existing budget.

Currently $320,000 is budgeted for night school, but only 75% of that is funded by the U.S. Department of Education.

Sanchez says another plan will be presented before the board for approval before night school classes may begin.