Guam - With Governor Eddie Calvo's State of the Island Address scheduled for next month, Acting Governor Ray Tenorio gave a sneak peak to members of the Chamber of Commerce this afternoon saying the greatest days are just ahead of us.

"On Friday, Governor Calvo will be announcing a new initiative that he's including in the Fiscal Year 2015 budget. It's one of those things GovGuam should've been doing decades ago. Had it been done at that time, chances are there would be a lot less crime today, there would be a lot more jobs and people working and you'd have a much more highly skilled workforce to choose from."

Keeping the details secret until Friday, Tenorio highlighted that although the Administration continues support for the impending military buildup, it's not the end all - he added that efforts continue to push for the China Visa Waiver Program following the success of the Russia visa waiver.