Guam - A resolution that would promote a ferry service or similar vessels between Guam and Rota was heard this morning receiving support from both island communities. Commonwealth Public Transportation Advisory Board chairman Thomas Camacho testified in support of the concept, calling the resolution "an essential measure in the interest of regional stewardship and in the spirit of a 'One Marianas' movement".

He stated, "Ferry service provides alternative to air travel, as inter-island commuter service for work, allows delivery service via mini-delivery trucks and vans, is a tourist attraction and plays an important role in emergency preparedness."

Camacho adds a ferry service feasibility study for inter-island marine transportation is ongoing between Saipan and Tinian and supports the initial financing plan for a feasibility study of a Rota-Guam ferry boat system.

The Guam Regional Transit Authority also offered is support saying a ferry service will benefit the general public, military and tourists in collaboration with the overall transportation for Guam and CNMI.