Guam - Governor Eddie Calvo and First Lady Christine hosted a special reception at Government House Saturday evening for our soldiers who recently returned from their nine month deployment to Afghanistan. A surprisingly nervous Governor Calvo addressed our island heroes.

"I'm a public servant an elected servant but you are also public servants why I am honored and humbled although I may be your commander in chief but when you think of public service to our island and nation what greater love what greater service is to put your life in harms way. That is why there's a bit of nervousness and humility in me to speak in front of you the greatest soldiers in our nation," he said.

Saturday night's reception was not just a welcome home party but also to allow our soldiers and their families to enjoy the Guma I Taotao Peace Festival Christmas lights. As we reported the first lady extended the display after receiving a letter from a young girl named Haani Longsongo who asked that the lights remain on until all of the soldiers return home including her father.