Guam - The three men who have been arrested so far for the rape of a 24-year-old woman being raped in an open field in Dededo early Monday morning were all on pre-trial release for other criminal cases.

Minorichy Rugante, Francis Madeus, and Jose Longa remain behind bars on $250,000 cash bail. Longa is accused of holding a woman down while Rugante, Madeus, a 12-year-old known as "Smoker" and an unidentified Chuukese man took turns beating and raping her at Lencho Park in Dededo.  Two joggers heard the woman screaming for help and notified police about the rape in progress.  The search continues for the male minor and the unidentified man. 

The Judiciary of Guam confirms all three men had pending cases with the superior court. Longa has a pending criminal trespass case from last year while Madeus pleaded guilty to criminal mischief and theft of property, both as misdemeanor. According to court documents, he was sentenced to serve one year behind bars but the Attorney General's Office and the judge agreed to suspend all but 48 hours jail time.  He was also on supervised probation for two years.

Now, this isn't the first time Rugante has been accused of sexual assault.  He has several prior criminal cases. In 2008 he was arrested and charged with attempted murder, 1st degree criminal sexual conduct, 3rd degree criminal sexual conduct, aggravated assault and assault.

He pled guilty to one charge of aggravated assault and was sentenced to serve five years behind bars but two years was suspended.  Upon release from jail, he was arrested yet again and pleaded guilty in April 2011 to aggravated assault.  This time based on the plea agreement, he was ordered to serve three years behind bars but only served one as the AG's Office and the judge agreed to suspending two years. He was also ordered to refrain from alcohol or drugs and was supposed to report to mental health for an intake and drug and alcohol assessment.

Last year he was picked up by police on two occasions for family violence and disorderly conduct.  Court files also show that he violated his conditions of release on at least three occasions and yet in November, Rugante was given another plea offer.  In exchange for pleading guilty, he was given a one year jail sentence that was suspended.  Two weeks ago a superior court judge issued a summons for Rugante to appear before the court in March for failing to pay fines and court costs and for failing to perform any community service.

The three men remain behind bars and are scheduled to appear back in court on January 24 unless the case is presented to the grand jury before the preliminary hearing date.