Guam - Chad DeSoto may be scheduled to go to trial in April, but the Attorney General's Office has concerns about whether they can afford to bring all the victims back to testify at his trial. During a meeting with Senator Brant McCreadie today over crimes against tourists, Chief Deputy Phil Tydingco brought the concerns to light. 

Tydingco briefly mentioned that the AG's Office doesn't know if there's enough money to bring the victims back from Japan. Desoto remains behind bars after he went on a rampage down in Tumon hitting several tourists with his car and then getting out and stabbing people in the area.  Three people died and 11 others were injured. 

DeSoto pleaded not guilty by reason of mental illness, disease or defect and underwent two psychiatric evaluations.  The second is currently under review. 

Another hearing is scheduled for March 5 for motions while the trial is set to begin on April 7.