Guam - The Guam Police Department is better equipped to respond to emergencies around the island as eight brand new Ford Interceptors were deployed to the four precincts.  Police Chief Fred Bordallo says at the beginning of the Calvo-Tenorio Administration, the department only had 14 Crown Victorias and less than half of those are still in operation.  The new cars couldn't have come at a better time as some precincts were using old pickup trucks for patrol.  

Bordallo says the department will see more additions to the fleet in the coming months, saying, "Triple J was the one that got these vehicles for us. We're expecting from Cars Plus two dodge chargers from the tourist attraction fund.  This is just the first batch. We're also expecting a fleet of police specials, SUV type, eight of them and another batch of four sedans and four motorcycles."

The Ford Interceptors are still needing radios and decals but will be put to use immediately until it is time for installation.