Guam - With crime on the rise here on the island, more and more residents are realizing the importance of having personal protection.  National Rifle Association instructor Darren Alvarez will be offering several special shooting courses for those who want to learn how to care for, use, clean and buy a gun and be a responsible, law abiding gun owner. 

A basic shooting course will be held this Saturday at the Guam Trades Academy and the shooting range in Piti. Alvarez told KUAM News, "Whether it's through firearms or another way, a personal protection plan is really key for someone to be able to protect themselves. We can't always avoid violent crime in our world. We all practice fire drills and you are 400 times more likely to be a victim of a violent crime."

Alvarez will also be holding a ladies-only gun course on Sunday, February 9.  The cost of the classes is $175 and includes time on the range.  To register, you can go to and search the courses by inputting your zip code.