Guam - It was last week we first brought you the story on the newborn baby with a severed fingertip. Following up with Guam Memorial Hospital administrator Joseph Verga, he tells KUAM the investigation on the incident is ongoing. "We are being very thorough. We must investigate all possibilities and will meet the parents when the investigation is complete."

As we've been reporting, Amaya-Esther was only two-weeks old when parents Johanna Borja and Juleus Calimpong brought her into GMH to treat her high fever. When the baby was taken to the exam room for a period of time, the baby's mother walked in to find a nurse holding the baby's bleeding finger with the tip of the right pinky severed off and no explanation as to how it happened from hospital staff.

Parents have since filed a complaint with the hospital, an injured person's report with GPD, and have hired Attorney William Gavras as the couple intend to sue GMH for negligence.