Guam - It's more than just the grand opening of ProShine Detailing in East Hagatna, but a new beginning for a former drug addict.

As Bernard Crisostomo would say, he's been there, done that, and turning that. "My life's changed for the better. I was hardcore on drugs. 15 years. I spent five years in prison. I did a lot of hard time. I decided I wanted to change. I wanted to do something better," he told KUAM News.

And this morning marked not only the opening of his business, but a new beginning for him, his wife, and their four children as he takes his passion into his profession. "For me, actions speak louder than words and I'm going to do it. I'm going to shine like you've never seen me shine before. That's my name, ProShine. I'm shining everything. Automotives. Airplanes. Motorcycles. Boats. You name it!" he said.

But he didn't do it alone. Joining him in today's ribbon cutting were key players in his success, including Oasis Empowerment Center and Guam Behavioral Wellness Center's New Beginnings. Guam Behavioral and Wellness Center's drug and alcohol treatment's Don Sabang said, "There was a lot of work that was involved in getting Bernard come this far. A lot of people to thank and I would just summarize it in one word. It's the word collaboration."

With the unemployment rate on Guam at 13.3%, Sabang says finding a job is an even greater obstacle for people in recovery like Crisostomo which is why the agency commits their support to such efforts. "To continue to support projects like these not just to help people get clean and sober, but help them to achieve a quality of life, like the ones we all want. To have a stable job, to have a stable home, to have a quality of life for our family," he said.

Also celebrating today, Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. who presented Crisostomo with a legislative certificate congratulating him on his new endeavors. "This is the kind of success we need to show our community. Show the people that the programs we have are working. We know that we've been working," he said.