Guam - As you commence your New Year's Eve celebration, the Guam Police Department reminds you to please be safe. According to police spokesperson Officer A.J. Balajadia, the Highway Patrol Division will be out in full force this evening conducting DUI checkpoints in several areas. Operation Dragon along with the Criminal Justice Strike Force, Civilian Police Reserves and CAPE volunteers will also be out and about working streets and neighborhoods. 

GPD also warns that it is illegal to shoot guns into the air. Every year the police department receives reports of injured people from stray bullets. If you are caught firing off a firearm you will be arrested and your firearm will be confiscated. When midnight hits you are also advised to stand under a concrete structure as bullets can penetrate through tin roofs causing injury. 

If you hear someone firing a weapon in your neighborhood, you're urged to call the police department and report it. The number to call is 475-8615 through 17.