Guam - Federal and local law enforcement authorities converged on a Harmon apartment complex executing a raid in what is believed to be major drug bust.  

Police converged upon Taitano Road in Harmon late Friday afternoon as they continue their investigation into the mass distribution of Spice - a marijuana-like substance that is illegal on Guam.  Dozens of residents came out of the Hemlani Apartments as agents searched for several individuals and conducted pat downs.

Police have released no details about the ongoing investigation but KUAM News knows that this particular area is extremely busy, especially in the evenings. In fact, we were able to determine that there's literally a drive-through drug distribution operation that runs throughout the day and into the early morning hours.

When you pull up on the poorly lit street at night, you'll find a group of men hanging out along the side of the building and along the road, waiting for interested buyers. Any car that pulls up to the side of Hemlani Apartments will be approached by any number of men, some who are wearing waist pouches, selling sticks of Spice. The sticks are sold for $5 apiece.

Police have been conducting their own investigation into this area as well as others that have been selling the banned substance.  As we reported on Thursday, federal and local agents executed search warrants at The Smoke Shop in Tamuning and Gallop USA at the Micronesia Mall in Dededo.

Authorities seized a large quantity of spice as well as an estimated $100,000 in cash. Authorities have not released any information about whether anyone was arrested in connection with yesterday's raids.

Meanwhile, today at least two men were seen being taken into custody, put into patrol cars and taken in for questioning.  No arrests have been made.