Guam - Despite rumors that Citibank Guam will be closing its doors KUAM has confirmed that they will remain open however certain services will be discontinued. According to Citi Guam Citi Countryofficer Agustin Davalos starting January 1st 2014 Citibank Guam's mortgage accounts will be transferred to Citi Mortgage in the U.S. mainland. Customers with mortgage accounts must make payments to the U.S. branch however there will be no changes to the terms and conditions of the loans. Meanwhile all customers with a savings or checking deposit account must close their accounts on or before February 28th 2014 any accounts not closed the account holder will receive a check in the mail. In addition to this ATMs and all other features and services supporting their deposit services will no longer be available. Citibank Guam will remain open to accommodate customers with credit cards and personal loans. While certain services will be discontinued Davalos says they cannot comment on employee–related matters but if any positions are discontinued as a result of these moves, they encourage those employees to explore other open positions at Citibank.