Guam - After months of construction West O'Brien Drive roadway was a smooth ride for traveling motorists until the Guam Waterworks Authority excavated a section of the road to repair old water lines. Public Works director Carl Dominguez says this was done because at the time the road was under construction GWA did not have the funds to make the necessary replacements and since old water lines are expected to break he says all he asks is that GWA make the repairs as soon as possible.

"GWA excavates and repairs the water line but they do not repair the road they engage private contractors to do that and we are responsible for inspecting their work and making sure it is done properly," he said.

The area has been temporarily repaired and according to Dominguez, GWA has two to four weeks to have it permanently repaired otherwise they will face a penalty of up to $5,000 for the first offense. He adds that whenever DPW is reconstructing a road he advises GWA so that they may have the opportunity to repair or replace any old water lines.