Guam - It was back in July public law was enacted applying limited gaming taxes to benefit a hospital urgent care facility and other purposes but benefactors have yet to see any of that money.

At a recent Mayors Council of Guam meeting, Sinajana mayor Robert Hoffman reminded colleagues that villages who host additional bingos and cockfights to raise revenues are required to pay a 4% tax.

He said, "None of mind paying the tax because like I said it's going to come back to us in some form and we're not paying thousands and thousands of dollars. These bingos are really small time and so it's something that everyone who plays it understands where the money is going to go to."

Despite their payments however, Hoffman says they've yet to see any of those funds return as provided by law which designates one third of the balance to mayors, the Department of Parks & Recreation, and the Department of Education. Hoffman adds they're also waiting to see how funds will be divvied up among village mayors.

Meanwhile, Rev & Tax director John Camacho tells KUAM they're tracking the revenues coming in, but the Department of Administration will be responsible for putting those funds into an account for distribution.