Guam - According to the findings of an audit released Monday morning by the Guam Office of Public Accountability compensation controls were better managed for personnel who were paid less than $100 thousand compared to those compensated greater than $100K.

 The audit which focuses on calendar years 2010 and 2012 showed that GMHA paid $121M to 1,304 individuals who were compensated less than $100K. Auditors tested payroll records for 28 employees which included multiple pay types, such as annual leave, overtime, and additional straight time.

 Auditors found that:

 Ø  Certain exempt employees were compensated $9K in overtime and $31K in additional straight-time;

Ø  Four Housekeeping employees consistently worked over 3,000 hours annually, of which two received $115K in overtime over a three-year period;

Ø  Part-time employees were compensated as high as 316% over their base pay;

Ø  Errors due to manual inputting of weekend and certification pay.


The release of today's audit follows a previous one in which auditors found weak management oversight and inconsistent application of payroll practices over compensation of physicians and employees compensated over $100,000. To read the audit in its entirety go to