Guam - Southern residents no longer need to travel to the island's capital to shop for groceries as Sumay Payless is now open for business. This is the first Payless Supermarket for the southern region.

Vice President Kathy Sgro said, "This is a day we have been anxiously anticipating actually for a couple of years and this morning at 6am I received a phone from a customer down here in the south and she was really excited to be the first customer as we opened our doors."

Sumay Payless also features a new look from hard wood floors in the produce section to a glimpse into Sumay history displayed to honor the southern's rich past. Sumay payless is open from 6am to midnight just past Mobil gas station in Santa Rita.

Meanwhile the Oka Payless location in Tamuning is anticipated to reopen in about 2 weeks.