Guam - The trial of Raymond Tedtaotao resumed today with testimony from police officers who investigated the April Nimitz Hill home invasion. Tedtaotao is being tried separately from co-defendant Anthony Mendiola and is accused of beating and robbing the woman. 

Jurors had an opportunity to see inside the Nimitz Hill home as pictures were published showing clothing and other items strewn around the home that was in disarray after the robbery.

While officers testified about an interview and re-enactment they did with co-defendant and cooperating witness, 16-year-old Kyle Cruz who admitted to participating in the crime with Tedtaotao and Mendiola.  Defense attorney Sam Teker however got police to admit that they had interviewed other individuals through the course of the investigation. 

One of the individuals was quoted as saying "they hit the wrong house" and went to Oceanview Drive with a handgun. 

The trial resumes on Thursday.