Guam - Island leaders are reaching out to the Philippine Consulate and Filipino community of Guam to begin disaster relief in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan. Lieutenant Governor Ray Tenorio says the island will be lending a helping hand, telling KUAM News, "We're really trying to do what we can as a community to reach out to our Filipino brothers and sisters. 

"Our island always pulls together - many have already contacted us to provide water and monetary donations. I ask the community to help out and reach out to the government and the organizations so that we can get the relief to them."

Around the world, various organizations are coming together to help with relief efforts for the Philippines.  The Filipino Community of Guam organization is spearheading those relief efforts here at home with a goal to raise at least $100,000 for our disaster stricken neighbors.  President Roy Adonay said, "We can only raise so much here on Guam. We're very fortunate to be working with some off island organizations who's going to multiple the things we have raised here on Guam. So depending on how much we're going to be raising on this island, it would actually probably multiple tenfold with this organization that we're working with."

The organization is also working with off-island organizations to help multiply the donations that are raised here.  Only monetary donations are being accepted at this time and checks can be written out to the Filipino Community of Guam and can be dropped-off at National Office Supply in Tamuning and Harmon or by calling Adonay at 482-8325. 

The Guam Medical Association meanwhile is also working to formalize a medical mission to aid in the disaster relief efforts.