Guam - Department of Chamorro Affairs president Joseph Cameron tells KUAM now that the Department of Administration has moved out of their office space at the Old Legislature Building in Hagatna, it appears another tenant is moving in.

"Currently it's an eyesore as you know. The Department of Administration has since moved to the ITC Building and interestingly I just heard today from my staff that some homeless folks are already moving in. We're going to look into that we're going to ask the Legislature's assistance since it is the property of the Guam Legislature to mitigate that issue before it becomes something out of hand," he said.

As we've been reporting, DOA shared the office space with the Department of Education. Both agencies have complained about the wear and tear on the old building, which also posed health hazards to employees due to mold.

Just recently DOA has moved to the ITC Building in Tamuning while DOE continues to make plans to move to the CoreTech facility in Tiyan adjacent to the up and coming central high.

Cameron tells KUAM it's yet to be determined if the old legislature building will be demolished as part of the Hagatna revitalization.