Guam - The Guam Young Professionals group held a senatorial forum last night to provide its membership the opportunity to hear the progress of each senator since the 2012 election.

The senators who participated were asked an array of questions including whether they support the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes. As we reported Senators Tina Muna Barnes and Aline Yamashita introduced Bill 215 otherwise known as The Joaquin KC Concepcion Compassionate Cannabis Use Act of 2013.  Concepcion was an island musician who passed away earlier this year from cancer. He moved off island for treatment and was able to use medicinal marijuana in the state of Washington where it is legal.

Here's how some of your senators responded when asked to address their position on the issue

Senator Dennis Rodriguez: "I haven't' reviewed the legislation that was authored by Senator Barnes and Senator Aline Yamashita, however I have given my support other that I will be very open and objective."

Senator Tom Ada: "I would have to turn to our medical community and professionals and right now they seem to have some strong reservations, so I need to listen more to the debate."

Senator Mike San Nicolas: "I support the concept if its going to bring relief to patients that are going to need that kind of treatment."

Speaker Judi Won Pat: "I support also medicinal marijuana and I think we just need to bring the doctors into the fold."

Senator Brant McCreadie: "I'm going to educate myself more on this we have some time we have some meetings with GMA when this bill goes up for discussion soon in the public hearing so I'll wait and educate myself as much as possible."

Senator Tommy Morrison: "I haven't taken a position on this issue but im very open minded to learning from our medical community on this issue."

Senators were also asked whether they supported the further decriminalization of marijuana outside of medicinal cannabis.