Guam - A police officer and his common-law wife and her brother-in-law appeared in the Superior Court of Guam this afternoon accused of dealing drugs.

Assigned to the Tumon-Tamuning Precinct, 30-year-old Police Officer Roy Keith Pablo finds himself doing exactly what he's arrested people for, breaking the law, and in his particular case: dealing drugs.

He along with his common law wife 26-year-old Ah-Rum Kim and her brother-in-law 22-year-old Stephen Minsung Kim were busted by the feds in a sting operation that led them to their home in Dededo.

The three appeared in the Superior Court this afternoon for a magistrates hearing.  "The court agrees there was probable cause to charge you with these crimes and will inform you that you have the right to have a lawyer represent you in this case," the court announced.

According to court documents, Pablo admitted to smoking weed since high school, with the most recent occurrence only five hours before reporting for duty. He further admitted to growing the marijuana plants at his residence stating each plant would yield about two ounces which was then either smoked or shared with others. While he did not admit to actively selling he did admit to being present during drug transactions and smoking weed in the residence when their children were present.

"The people are recommending $100,000 cash bail for Mr. Pablo," his lawyer announced. "Mr. Pablo is an active GPD officer and the people assert that he has abused the public trust."

During the raid of their home in Liguan Terrace authorities found a fully functional marijuana grow operation with a ventilation system, drug paraphernalia, shrooms, and white pills identified as DMT that is a hallucinogenic street drug. They also found pieces of Pablo's police uniform in a room where the marijuana was packaged and smoked.  Pablo along with the Kims is being charged with manufacturing a schedule one controlled substance, possession of a scheduled one substance with intent to deliver, conspiracy to manufacture a schedule one controlled substance and possession of more than an ounce of marijuana. While Pablo and Ahrum Kim are charged with child abuse Pablo has also been charged with official misconduct.

Assistant AG Jesse Nasis recommended $50,000 cash bail for Ahrum and Stephen Kim. "Both of them had made admissions to long term drug activity and with regard to Mr. Kim there is an outstanding warrant and criminal misdemeanor case where he did not show up for the arraignment so in addition with regard to Mr. Kim he is a flight risk and is not able to comply with the court's orders," he said.

According to GPD Pablo has been placed on administrative leave and an internal affairs investigation is underway.