Guam - It's been a longtime coming but island residents now have a reliable means of recycling from home at no extra charge.

If you haven't received your recycling cart yet, you'll get yours by Christmas.

"We're going islandwide. From the north to the south," explained equipment operator Nelson Beltran, adding that they're making progress with delivering the free carts.

To date, the Guam Solid Waste Authority has delivered 4,000 of a total 16,000 carts to northern and central customers.

"A lot of our customers like to recycle its coming to our island they pretty much appreciate it. Going green," he said.

And while bin distribution continues, receiver operations manager Chace Anderson says today was a momentous occasion for Guam's efforts to go green.

"This is our first day of collecting our recycling carts that we set out two weeks ago and we picked up about roughly 2,000 customers today who have received the carts and we've collected close to three-tons of recyclables from those collection routes," he said.

With the first pile of recyclables delivered to the Harmon site, men got right to work sorting through a mountain of paper, plastic, and cardboard.

"Some of our customers we found in the pilot program were recycling up to 60% of their trash. That's a lot," he said.

Now that recycling is accessible, Anderson says residents are more likely to do it, including Yigo resident Mike McCarthy.

McCarthy tells KUAM he's more than happy to recycle and can fill his cart up on a weekly basis, but hopes for more consistency with the newly launched program.

"It works if they came every week or every other week and picked it up but we've gone like three weeks with nothing without any service take it to the curb and it sits so they gotta be more consistent with picking it up," he said.

McCarthy hopes this marks the beginning of behavioral changes islandwide noting that Guam could also benefit from newspaper drives and better bottle recycling laws.