Guam - With the Department of Administration officially moved out of the Old Legislature Building in Hagatna, the Department of Education Central Office waits on word on when they can make their move.

DOE superintendent Jon Fernandez says the paperwork is still under review at the Attorney General's Office.

The plan is to consolidate DOE offices at the CoreTech facility in Tiyan, adjacent to the new Central High School once GovGuam purchases the property. "We've been unable to really plan the details because we haven't seen an approved lease, but hopefully when that comes, we'll be able to move forward quickly," he said.

As we've been reporting, the once shared DOE and DOA building has been falling to pieces with both agencies expressing concerns for employee health prompting GFD inspectors to issue a notice of hazard for the building's poor conditions.

As of this week, DOA is settling into their new location at the ITC Building in Tamuning.