Guam - After being introduced over the summer, Senator Tommy Morrison's Bill 140 finally went up for a public hearing earlier this week. The measure would lift the cap on the number of phone lines that can be charged the E-911 surcharge and give those additional revenues so that the Guam Fire Department can obtain a new updated state-of-the-art 911 system.

GFD's acting fire chief Michael Uncangco says Bill 140 would assist the department with moving forward in compliance with 911 mandates. "Additional revenues would be reality and would help us as you're aware, we're trying to upgrade and maintain the system. The system at the present time is totally antiquated, there are no parts available and it has experienced down time," he said.

Morrison says Bill 140 would not only bring Guam in compliance with federal mandates but provides equity and fairness to all telephone subscribers along with providing support to Guam's most critical services.

The law as it currently stands provides for the dollar surcharge for up to 25 lines.