Guam - The Guam Board of Medical Examiners is meeting this evening, and aside from the normal physician licensure procedures, the board was also set to discuss a complaint filed against a local physician.  Complaint 13-02 was listed on today's agenda but the board quickly went into executive session before discussing the matter publicly. 

KUAM News has confirmed with board members that the complaint was filed with the GBME and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Among the items on their agenda is a complaint that was filed against a local physician.

The complaint accuses the physician of self-medicating with narcotics and drinking alcohol. It also alleges that he was treating patients while intoxicated and on drugs.

The board was expected to discuss the complaint and then determine whether a board member would independently review the matter and discuss it with the physician or if the board would call the doctor in to discuss the matter before the entire GBME.

The board doesn't have an investigator and so the GBME decided today to include the Attorney General's Office for some guidance on what's next.