Guam - For the first time since August, the Commission on Decolonization met this afternoon to further discuss its efforts moving forward with establishing more public awareness on a slew of topics from self-determination to the proposed plebiscite.

Executive director Ed Alvarez says commissioners were notified that the Department of the Interior has yet to respond to its July letter regarding a public education grant of $250,000. He says working off its "bare bones budget" has been the Commission's biggest challenge. "We are prepared to start educating 0249 we just need the money to star that process. The task force chairmen have been working on their position papers since 1997 and they have assured me that they are confident that they're ready to go out and educate," he said.

He adds a plebiscite has been proposed for August 2015 but says that date is only contingent on funding and without, it would be "innocuous" to set an official date.