Guam - The Governor anticipates declaring the island in Condition of Readiness 3 over what will likely be a tropical storm passing near the island and bringing heavy rains and winds tonight and tomorrow. Governor Calvo will make this determination, in coordination with the Admiral Payne, sometime soon.

Condition of Readiness 3 means that damaging winds are possible within 48 hours. This condition, or COR, can be for either tropical storms or typhoons. In this case, as of now, we're looking at the possibility of a tropical storm. ‘Damaging winds' means winds capable of picking up objects that can hit you or your property. This kind of wind, along with the rain, can cause flooding, make debris fly, and topple over small trees. The government of Guam is making preparations as though COR3 will be declared.

Public schools are expected to remain open through the remainder of the school day, except that all after school programs have been canceled.