Guam - It was a surprise to Simon Sanchez High School students and staff who arrived to campus today to see long overdue maintenance issues addressed overnight. From repaired ceiling panels to working air conditioning units and more open restrooms, teacher Gretchen Andres suspects the expedited maintenance work may have been a result of today's Walk in the Shoes of a Shark Senior Challenge.

The challenge called out to the island's elected officials to witness firsthand a day in the life at the Yigo campus. "Suddenly there was an influx of maintenance workers coming in to fix our air con and our ceiling tiles and our bathroom stalls, so we have seen more repairs than in the last year in one day - I don't know what it is I think the noise we've been making is enough that these people are coming in to make those necessary repairs," she said.

After waiting in a long lunch line, eating in the crowded cafeteria, and sitting in an uncomfortably hot classroom, DOE superintendent Jon Fernandez commended students for putting pressure on the island's leaders.

Although he insists he had nothing to do with the expedited maintenance work, he says a recent Army Corps of Engineers study concludes that the Yigo campus is in dire need of renovations and should be top priority for the administration.