Guam - The Judiciary of Guam gave a status report on the progress of their 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. The initiative aims to administer justice by interpreting and upholding the laws as well as resolving disputes in a timely manner and providing accessible and efficient court services.

Chief Justice F. Philip Carbillido said, "As an organization we are held out by the public the users the lawyers that we do get the job done although of course we have shortcoming that we need to improve on."

Four strategic committees were formed to address the shortcomings.  The implementation of online services is among the improvements.  By the end of October or early November - patrons will be able to make online payments for traffic fines, fees, and restitution. Chief Justice Carbillido says that additional parking has been made.

The court interpreter program has also seen improvements with 32 active interpreters a program manager has been appointed to schedule services of the court.