Guam - Trae Santos continues to give back to the baseball community while here at home. Santos helped with a hitting clinic over at the Leo Palace Baseball Field.

Bill Bennett with Guam Amateur Baseball said, "Trae is going to work on lower body and upper body swing mechanics. Basically keeping the head still and taking the hands to the ball and working with the kids to have a more compact smooth swing where they can generate power without a lot of wasted movement. He will also work on individual faults the kids may have on their swing mechanics, certain things that they are doing. He will give suggestions and tips on what they can do to work on and to get better and to work on their hitting."

Trae says he is excited to spread what he has learned over the last 7 years to the players here on island. There was no cost for the clinic but donations were welcomed to help raise funds for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in honor of his brother Tim Santos Jr. who recently passed away.

Santos said, "Another reason why I wanted to do this camp and these clinics is to honor my brother. He was always a giving person and he always wanted to give back to the island that he loved, where we came from. This really hits home for me because me and my brother always had baseball to turn to and to be close to each other and also this was his dream as well so I like to call it playing for two. I'm living my dream and my brother's dream at the same time. So it really means a lot to me that I'm able to give back and share what he has taught me along with what I have learned on my own in the game of baseball. It's really important that I have the chance to give back to Guam and to the kids that I was once like."