Guam - Around 2pm Tuesday, the U.S. Navy Installation Command gave direction to begin an orderly shutdown and furlough notifications began. While base operations such as the commissary, and DoDEA schools will not be affected by the shutdown, personnel under the joint Region Marianas stationed at the Andersen Air Force Base and Naval Base Guam are.

JRM public affairs officer Lieutenant Matt Knight stresses the adverse impact this has on DOD personnel, telling KUAM News, "None of us are receiving a check or a paycheck until the Congress signs either a FY14 budget or a continuing resolution so whether or not they are continuing to work or not working there is a dramatic negative impact to all of DOD for a government shutdown."

Approximately 100 civilian personnel are to be furloughed. Knight adds that 170 non essential Air Force civilians have also been furloughed.

Meanwhile all active duty personnel will remain on normal duty status and approximately 300 Navy and 200 Air Force exempted personnel will not be furloughed as they carry positions essential to the protection of life and property.