Guam - After serving Guam for more than 37 years, personal finance center officially opened a new location in Tamuning this morning.

President and chief executive officer Michael Camacho says the three-story, 15,000 square foot building is a more modern facility that will be more convenient for customers equipped with new computers, ATMs, and drive-thru capabilities.

"We were in roughly 12,000 square feet, we're bursting at the seams, it was an older facility, and interest rates were right, contractors were available, it was just the right time, and what we did was plan for future growth as well so we knew that if we grow the company in a very controlled and sustainable manner, we would need more space, we need more conveniences for our clients and so it was just the right time to accomplish this," Camacho said.

Camacho adds the building is designed to achieve LEED Silver Certification and is part of Phase I of the Camacho Landmark Center. Phase II meanwhile is set to break ground in the first quarter of next year.