Guam - The Parole Board attempted to meet today to address a number of requests from inmates, but there was a lack of quorum. More than a dozen people stood outside Untalan Middle School this morning waiting for the hearings to begin. 

The board was scheduled to hear dozens of cases, among them the parole request of Cesar Dizon, who is seeking release from prison.  In August 1995, after he'd lost a bitter divorce case, Dizon followed his ex-wife's attorney Jan Rubenstein to her office and shot her in the back of the head.  Rubenstein died several days later.  Dizon entered into a plea agreement and pled guilty to murder. The parole board was also scheduled to hear Anthony Duenas' sixth request for parole.

Duenas is serving a life sentence for brutally murdering his wife Melissa.  Family members of Melissa showed up to today's hearing, ready with testimony, opposing Duenas' parole.

Because of the lack of quorum, the board moved all of today's hearings to their October meeting.