Guam - While the Guam Economic Development Authority did not discuss Bill 167 during its board meeting today, it did discuss the qualifying certificate program - particularly working with Senator Dennis Rodriguez Jr. to revamp the QC law.

Following an audit of the QC program by the office of public accountability, board chairman E.J. Calvo says he hopes to attack and reanalyze the entire program.

He said, "Number one is we want to be assured that we're holding current recipients compliant they're compliant, they're paying what they should be paying and they're filing the documents and reports as they should be the next step moving forward is how we're going to analyze the return of investment for issuing the qualifying certificates this is an urgent matter especially with forthcoming applications."

Calvo further requested for presentations by management and divisions within GEDA on an analysis of the program.  As for the Guam Regional Medical City's QC application, that has yet to be put on the agenda as it is still undergoing a staff analysis.