Guam - With Open Enrollment well underway for an estimated 11,000 GovGuam employees and retirees, the island's medical community is speaking up and against one particular insurance company.

Close to 160 of the 200 members that comprise the Guam Medical Association responded to a survey conducted last week and the consensus proved unfavorable for one local insurance company. "We have decided not to endorse TakeCare based on a survey provided to the members," announced Dr. Erika Alford.

As the island's largest health care provider network, Dr. Alford admits it's a bold move on their part. But, it doesn't help that TakeCare was a no-show at last week's health insurance forum hosted by the GMA. As we previously reported, participants voiced frustrations with TakeCare coverage, but no representatives were present to answer to their concerns.

 "We were told they were either unavailable or they were off island however they did show up to the GMH meeting three or four representatives according to some of the physicians who were there," she said.

Only Staywell Insurance, Calvo's Selectcare, and Netcare were present at the forum - all of whom are endorsed by the GMA as the three meet the standards of patient's choice of providers and credentialing, prompt payment of claims, and providers' relations. "It's also the first time in many years where GovGuam has allowed the employees to choose and most private companies will choose your insurance carrier for you, so this is definitely an unusual circumstance," she said.

If you're trying to decide which insurance plan is best for you and your family, Dr. Alford advises you read the fine print. Oftentimes, the cheapest plan is not the best plan. "I think it is what is best for you and your family. I'm not going to say do not choose TakeCare; I am saying you got to look into the fine details look into what is most important for you and your family. If your physician is at FHP it might be the best choice for you or if your physician is not there, ask the office 'Do you accept TakeCare?' if the answer is yes, it might work out for you," she said.

"In the end do your research, do what's best for you. Do what's best for your family. The Guam Medical Association encourages you to look through everything and make the best decision for you," Alford stated.

TakeCare has yet to provide comment on the matter.