Guam - It was late last week when Governor Eddie Calvo met with CNMI governor Eloy Inos in Saipan to discuss what he calls the "One Marianas Agenda". In fact, Governor Calvo says it was the first time in recent history that the governors of the Commonwealth and Guam held a summit to exchange ideas and brainstorm solutions together for issues facing the Marianas.

He said, "Some other areas is in our relations to, let's say, the federal government and some of the onerous mandates and whether it's the affordable health care act or some of the issues in regards to EPA and the mandates that are placed on both the territory and the commonwealth."

He adds both governors shared their experiences on issues such as infrastructure, economic development and the military buildup and all the challenges and opportunities facing the people of the Marianas. The mayors of Tinian and Rota, the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House also attended the summit.