GUAM - Despite all the rain, residents down south may be experiencing low to no water pressure.
The Guam Waterworks Authority announced earlier today that areas of Inarajan, Merizo, Umatac and Cross Island road in Santa Rita were most affected. As of 3:40 this afternoon, Apra Heights and Cross Island road were fully restored and as of 5pm wanter tankers were positioned in Malojloj, Merizo and Umatac.

GWA spokesperson Heidi Ballendorf says the outage is a result of the Ugum treatment plant experiencing exceptionally high turbidity levels.
"So the plant we're hoping to have it back online by this evening but of course it takes a while to make the water and store the water in that tank down there, it's about a million gallons of water. So we expect by tomorrow night if not sooner, we'll have full restoration to all those villages" Ballendorf asserted.
 Ballendorf says while restoration is occurring, residents of these areas are encouraged to use only water for essential needs. She adds while about 85-percent of GWA's wells are run by electricity, most of them have back-up generators despite several power outages in the villages.  Full restoration is expected by 9pm on Saturday.