EDIT: The following update is as of 15:45hrs.  Line crews are focused on restoration efforts pocket areas and are presently working in the Northern, Central and Southern sector:  Radio Barrigada to Pagat still out.
Line Crews are working on local outages affecting:  E. Gayineru, Yigo ; Clara Road, Toto;  Radio Barrigada,  Finili Drive, Agat; Tenjo, Fangualuan, Malojloj;  Manengon, Yona



information provided via press release

 Line crews are focusing on restoring service to isolated pocket areas as a result of the storm. These are the areas line crews are working in:   Gayineru / Piga / Chalan Josen Chong,  Ironwood,  Panitos Drive, Clara Road, Camachile/ Manengon, Swamp Road, Munoz Area, Rizal Street,   Hegao Loop, Tumon Heights. This listing will change as needed to reflect ever changing field conditions.