Guam - It's been less than a week since Bill 187 was introduced by Senator Chris Duenas, but he's hoping swift action will be taken on the measure immediately. Bill 187 aims to appropriate $9 million in Section 30 money for tax refunds. The bill was introduced following the announcement of over $15 million in Section 30 money from the Department of Interior.

"When the governor released the $8 million just before school opened so many people were happy but people got left behind as well, so the bottom line is folks racked up expenses to get their kids ready for school and the like but what I understand is if this $9 million can be put out in a couple weeks that will be eight to ten thousand people on this island will get a check who need this money," he said.

It was also last week when several Democrat senators raised concern over the announcement and timing of the unexpected Section 30 money which was made known right after the budget bill was signed into law. Concern was further raised as to whether the bill was necessary considering the budget bill had provisioned $120 million for tax refunds already. Duenas says the feedback from the Democrats is unfortunate and would still like to see an expedited hearing on the measure. Duenas meanwhile notes he has heard Senator Ben Pangelinan has proposed an alternative plan for the Section 30 money including for a tax rebate program and to pay off GMH's vendor obligations. No such proposal however has yet to be introduced as a bill nor has Pangelinan returned phone calls or e-mails on the matter.