Guam - A 48-year-old woman is behind bars after attempting to smuggle drugs into Guam. Kala Joe Taitague arrived on Guam on September 11 shortly after 7pm on a flight from Hawaii.  When Customs officials selected her for secondary inspection, they found in her luggage a small plastic bag containing approximately two-grams of an unknown white crystalline substance in a computer case.  According to court documents Taitague initially denied knowledge of the item and upon further questioning stated that a friend had placed it in her computer bag and she was unaware of its presence. Taitague later stated it was hers. A test was conducted which was presumptive for amphetamines. According to court documents Taitague is being charged with importation of a scheduled two controlled substance as a 1st degree felony, possession of a controlled substance on board an aircraft arriving in Guam as a 1st degree felony, and possession of a Scheduled II Controlled Substance as a 3rd degree felony.