Guam - A Philippine travel company owner who is accused of conspiring to commit visa fraud has signed a plea agreement admitting that he was paid to smuggle Filipino women into the U.S. Romualdo Enusban admits that he brought the women in through C-1 Non Immigrant Visas that allows foreigners to enter the United States for the purpose of transiting to a foreign location through his business, RichMiles. 

Two of the women entered into plea agreements admitting that they came to Guam and instead of leaving to Pohnpei to get to American Samoa for work, the women were booked on a one-way trip to Las Vegas. They admitted they intended to go there to illegally live and work and paid more than $8,000 each to Enusban who made the visa and travel arrangements for them through his travel company, riches and miles.

Enusban also understands that the feds are seeking the forfeiture of more than $16,000 they believe he was paid for the illegal acts.