Guam - The Blue House Lounge trial continued Wednesday afternoon as jurors heard from another alleged victim who testified about being forced into prostitution, being held against her will and eventually running away.

The government alleges that former Blue House Lounge owner Song Ja Cha used police officers to enforce her control over Chuukese women who had sex with multiple men each night for money. Saknin Weria wrapped up her testimony by saying that Anthony Quenga, Mario Laxamana and David Manila would respond to calls from Cha and frequent the establishment for disturbances or to talk to employees who weren't following the rules.

Martha Well testified that she came to Guam in 2007 to work and support her family. But she says when she arrived at the Blue House Lounge, she realized that she would be required to do much more than cook and clean.

With the help of an interpreter, Well explained that she was forced to wear short dresses and on her third day she was introduced to the private VIP room after a customer bought her a drink. She went in with him but it wasn't long before the customer walked out.

"The customer got mad at me because I didn't want to have sex with him," she explained.

Well said the customer talked to Cha and left and that's when the club owner ordered her to get on her knees and apologize - and when she refused, she alleges she was slapped in the face with a slipper.

Soon after two police officers arrived and one approached her.  "The police was telling Jackie I have to do what Mama San says, to do my best and please be good to Mama San, because she's a good person because if you're not going to do it, I will arrest you and take you away," Well said.

Assistant Attorney General Jonathan Quan then asked well if that officer was in the courtroom and to point him out.  Well identified Quenga and testified that the officers returned later to the bar and were drinking in uniform.

And for the next couple of months, well said she complied and had sex with customers.

She continued, "The police officer talked to me and do what Mama San say and make customer happy [sic] and that's why I was so worried and scared. That's why I do it."

Well said she wasn't allowed to leave and was never paid while she worked at the Blue House. After a couple of months, she met one of Cha's workers from another business, Danny, who came to the Blue House to pick up his paycheck. She then made arrangements with him to plan her escape.

One day when Cha and the other girls went to do laundry, Well ran out of the blue house and jumped into Danny's car and left. She testified that cha and the girls were just pulling in when she got into the car and hid. "I was afraid of Mama San," she stated. Quan asked, "What were you afraid she was going to do to you?", to which Well replied, "I'm afraid that she's gonna hit me or beat me and also call the police."

Well testified that she was two or three months pregnant when she escaped the Blue House and ended up marrying Danny.

The trial resumes on Thursday afternoon.