Guam - Four of the newest faces to the Guam Legislature put pen to paper officially taking the Guam Visitors Bureau's Hafa Adai Pledge.

Senators Michael Limtiaco, Brant McCreadie, Tommy Morrison and Michael San Nicolas committed to raise awareness and promote the Chamorro culture. GVB general manager Karl Pangelinan says aside from the beauty of our island, it's the interaction with our people that goes miles into enhancing our visitor experience.

"The Hafa Adai Pledge is just one small component to the little things we can to keep our cultural story alive and we're glad to get our four freshman senators signed up for this pledge," said Pangelinan.

Pangelinan adds efforts are underway to take the Hafa Adai Pledge to the next level including working with lawmakers to put together a "Hafa Adai Rate." Close to 500 entities have since taken the Hafa Adai Pledge.