Guam - While the Calvo Administration has yet to take a position on Senator Tina Muna Barnes's Resolution 201, they agree it's critical that all stakeholders come together to discuss what is needed should the process move forward. Resolution 201 would call for the decriminalization of cannabis so that local law enforcement can focus more on resources on the increase in violent crimes and to also enhance individual, personal, and political freedom and liberty.

Governor Eddie Calvo's special assistant for healthcare Brian San Nicolas said, "I think foremost would be to make sure we do examine everything comprehensively and take the appropriate not small or big steps but right steps move forward and that's to make sure that we take care of not just the laws and regulations that are there but more importantly we're concerned we take care of the people who would be affected by this legislation or this movement forward."

Chief of police Fred Bordallo meanwhile has stated he hopes to meet with the senator to further discuss the resolution.