Guam - Legislation has been introduced to create the first Guam Veterans Court within the Judiciary of Guam.

Bill 161 also referred to as the Justice for Veterans Act of 2013, would create a veterans court for eligible veterans or active duty service members who come in contact with the criminal justice system on felony or misdemeanor charges.

The bill's author Senator Frank Aguon Jr. says the creation of a specialized veteran court program is necessary to address the issues that veteran dependents may be struggling with. He adds if passed into law, the Guam Veterans Court would be at the discretion of the chief justice and may be a separate court or program of a drug court within the judiciary.

It was during her congressional address when Congresswoman Madeleine Bordallo discussed establishing a local veteran's court, an idea that Chief Justice F. Philip Carbullido says he would support.

The bill is co-sponsored by Vice Speaker B.J. Cruz, Senators Aline Yamashita, Rory Respicio, Tony Ada, Brant McCreadie and Tommy Morrison.