Guam - Two 15-year-old girls and an 11-year-old girl who were at the Paseo Park Wednesday afternoon at around one o'clock were approached by a 51-year-old man asking them if they wanted to drink beer.

The girls had just finished swimming when Astero Usefich approached them and asked them repeatedly to drink beer, but the girls repeatedly refused. One of the 15-year old girls told Usefich that they were minors, but he ignored her statement and continued to offer them alcohol. According to court documents after repeatedly telling them no, Usefich allegedly then told the girls that he would give them each $10 to "poke in the corner". When asking them to have sex he made gestures with his hands. With his left hand closed he put his right index finger inside motioning back and forth, court document stated. One of the victims then told Usefich to stop bothering them, but he allegedly continued to try to persuade the girls to have sex with him. Finally, he is accused of grabbing one of the girl's right arm and attempted to drag her but she managed to escape when a park ranger's vehicle began approaching their direction and Usefich walked away. The girls told the police they were scared he was going to hurt them. Usefich was charged with Loitering for the Purpose of Soliciting to Engage in Prostitution, Unlawful Restraint, Harassment and Disorderly Conduct. Usefichis currently on pre-trial release for a child abuse case.