Guam - In order to ensure there is quality control with products bearing the Guam name, the Guam Economic Development Authority started enforcement earlier this month on the new rules and regulations for the Guam Product Seal Program.   

Deputy administrator Mana Silva Taijeron says the enforcement of the new rules and regulations for the Guam Product Seal Program is simply about quality control. "We want our consumers to know that the products from Guam, made on Guam are actually quality," she explained.

Recently, the agency visited some of the larger retail outlets to inspect some of the products currently bearing the Guam Product Seal. "We did find some violations, as you know the law was passed last year and we had given some of our clients time to come into compliance with the new laws and new rules and regulations with regards to the Guam Product Seal and branding," she said.

In fact, Taijeron says there were 11 companies so far found in violation. "We find some violations we had products that didn't have the product seal when they are supposed to. We also find some products that did have the product seals but they are not current permit holders so what we did was we issued notices and we issued those giving them 90 days to come into compliance and that comes along with a $500 fine," she said.

Taijeron says GEDA is keeping close contact with Guam Product Seal holders to ensure they understand some of the new enforcement rules. GEDA previously held an informational seminar on the new rules and reg. She ultimately hopes more companies want to join the Guam Product Seal Program, as it holds several benefits including GEDA helping in linking the products to off-island buyers to expand its market share.

She told KUAM News, "Just bearing the Guam Product Seal gives the consumer and the buyer at least some confidence in knowing that these are quality and we give it our stamp of approval."

Taijeron adds GEDA working on putting an online catalog to purchase Guam Product Seal items on, where you can also find the rules.