Guam - Overcrowded conditions, the need for more staff, legislation is in the works to the construction of a new prison. With the Legislature taking a stance and cracking down on criminal activity, along with the Department of Corrections' prison population growing steadily, it is no surprise that legislation is in the works to direct more money to the Department of Corrections more specifically the construction of a new prison facility. Spearheading this initiative is Senator Brant McCreadie.

"At the end of the day it focuses on just the improvement of the facility. I mean, 20 years ago we spoke about building a new prison and now we have 706 inmates whether its convicted or detainees and the prison is overcrowded," he explained.

McCreadie adds the government spends over $42,000 a year on inmates and the facility is not adequate. Senator McCreadie says his bill is the solution to a 20-year-old problem and says his goal is breaking ground in two years for a new prison. "It's still in the works as far as the language and how large the prison will be but it is going to be an adequate prison that can not only hold prisoners but rehabilitate prisoners," he said.

Addressing the ever-growing prison population by building a new prison is not the only focus of Senator McCreadie's new prison bill. "The bill touches on staffing, the bill touches on inmate productivity when it comes to working within the confines of the prison and like I said earlier rehabilitating themselves," he said.

Senator McCreadie has been collaborating with various government agencies, former department heads and of course doc officials who have expressed their wish list for the new prison. He said, "They have a wish list and so what we are doing now is where taking some of the language in there we are scrubbing it down talking to other branches of government to see how we can improve the bill."

Senator McCreadie adds that he does have a draft of the legislation and he anticipates the introduction of the bill to be in the near future.