Guam - They're symbolic of peace and now a welcome addition to the Dulce Nombre De Maria Catheral-Basilica in Hagatna.

At this morning's presentation, Ron and Kim Young donated a pair of porcelain mute swans, called "The Birds of Peace" to the Cathedral. The birds are collectors replicas of the gifts President Richard Nixon gave to China when the United States opened relationships with the country. The replicas have been a part of the young family since the late 1970s.

Ron Young said, "There were three sets made of the life sized birds one went to the Vatican one went to China and one went to the White House then we think there were 200 copies of this size made for collectors around the world and we were lucky to get one of the copies we're very happy today to be able today to be able to donate these birds to the Archdiocese here for the museum in Guam."

 The Cathedral Museum is slated to open later this year.